Clients of our long term care unit enjoy a warm and friendly homelike environment. Many medical services such as doctor visits, podiatry, dental, and lab work are done right on site so there is no need for the client to go out to receive services. Throughout the day there are various activities to be involved in including live entertainment, visits with our small pets including birds, bunnies, and other therapy animals, ice cream socials, casino days, and every so often Elvis is in house. Warm living room areas provide an environment where clients can reminisce, put puzzles together, or watch their favorite game show.


Our Memory Care Unit is a safe and secure unit where our clients can freely move about and interact with each other all the while remaining safe and sound. Activities on this unit are engaging and assist the client in maintaining their highest level of functioning. For individuals who may need a little extra monitoring we offer a wander alert system that alerts the staff when the client is near any doors and exits. Each individual’s plan of care is personalized. Go to bed early or stay up late. Get up early or sleep in. A plan of care with the clients wishes and customary routines is provided for their enjoyment.


Our post-acute care area is designed for the client who will only be staying for a short time in order to receive services that will help them with a quick recovery and return to home. We assist clients who have had joint replacements, stroke recovery, fractures, pneumonia, and other illnesses and injuries. Imaging services, laboratory services, wound care, infusion services are just some of what we are able to provide. Our therapy team will work together to provide a plan of care that will help you recover and get you back to life as you know it. Please see our comprehensive list of all services that are available.


Post-Acute Care:

Total Hip Replacements

Total Knee Replacements

Post-Acute Fractures


Stroke Recovery

Laboratory Services

Imaging Services (X-ray, EKG, etc.)

Discharge Planning

Bowel/Bladder Retraining

Whirlpool Therapy


Enteral Nutrition:

Registered Dietician on Staff

Nasal-Gastric Feedings

Gastrointestinal Feedings




Pulse Oximetry

Tracheostomy Care

Aerosol Therapy


Long Term Care Unit:

Restorative Nursing

Annual Physicals Scheduled

Laboratory Services

Facility Outings Provided

Pet Therapy


Services for All Residents:




Infusion Therapy:

Central Line Maintenance

Pain Management

PICC/Midline Insertion/Maintenance

Hydration Therapy

CADD Pump Maintenance


Wound Care:

Certified Wound Nurse on Staff

Lymphedema Certified

Ultrasonic Mist Treatments

Alternating Pressure Mattresses

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Application/Maintenance


Memory Care Unit:

Locked Unit

Wander Alert System

Individualized I-Care Plans

Sensory Stimulation

Global Deterioration Scale Program

Pet Therapy


Hospice Services:

Palliative Care

Psychosocial Support Spiritual Support

Respite Care

Pain Management


Consultative visits on site






Scheduling of Appointments

On-Site Chapel